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kvass wort concentrate

Kvass wort concentrate is used to make drinks from cereals and kvass concentrate. It is also added to some types of beer.

The concentrate is made of rye and barley malts, rye and corn and flours by means of mashing them with water, saccharifying, concentrating with the help of a vacuum machine and heat treatment.

Kvass wort concentrate is made of organic raw stuff. It is free from artificial additives and preservatives.
The concentrate meets the requirements of national standard (GOST) 28538-90. It has the certificate of the state hygienic registration.


liquid carbon dioxide

Liquid carbon dioxide is used to make carbonated soft drinks. It also serves as a chemically inactive gas during electric welding and other similar operations.

Liquid carbon dioxide is a colorless gas with a sourish taste.
The dioxide is derived by means of alcohol fermentation of gases. It is packed in cylinders after clearing and compression.
Liquid carbon dioxide meets the requirements of GOST 8050-93 and has a state registration certificate.


dry fermented rye malt

Dry fermented rye malt serves as an ingredient of bakery goods, kvass and kvass wort concentrate.

It looks like brown flour with a sour-and-bitter taste that reminds the taste of rye bread. The malt is made of high quality rye seeds.

Dry fermented rye malt corresponds to GOST 29272-92, it has the certificate of the state hygienic registration.


rectified ethanol

Rectified ethanol is used for the production of alcoholic beverages. It is also used in chemical, medical, varnish and paint, perfumery industries, etc.

Rectified ethanol is made of cereals: rye, wheat, triticale by means of boiling, saccharifying and fermentation, distillation and rectification.

The company produces tow kinds of rectified ethanol: Lux and super clearing.

On January 1 2006 the company launched Polesse ethanol developed jointly with the Belarusian Scientific and Research Institute of Foodstuffs.

The ethanol meets the requirements of STB 1334-2003 standard. It has a state hygienic certificate.

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