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Gomel presents to the trade.


Gomel presents to the trade.

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2009-07-24 13:07:58

Gomel presents to the trade.

On the Day of trade eve the Gomel Distillery has decided to remind about those presents and surprises that were  prepared by the enterprise for its business-partners. So the Gomel people have decided to make  the congratulation to the professional holiday of the whole belarusian trade in the kind  of new products release. But everything in stages …

Latest news. In Mai 2009 the Gomel Distillery has presented the new brand – “Belarusian Garelka”. Nowadays the production of this brand is in great demand and is the sales hit. Because of the right offering of  high-quality goods at an obtainable price specialists of the enterprise succeeded to propel to the sales top “Belarusian Garelka” in a short period of time. Special priority was given to the individual design label of the 40%.

At that very moment in May the enterprise brand portfolio was enlarged by souvenir products that fully reflects  the Gomel history and traditions. In each belarusian city there is nowadays an old place where the history is closely entwines with the present.

So it was succeeded to bring to life the next idea. Together with the specialists of the Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy at the plant it was created the so-called  generic visiting card of the Gomel City – the vodka “Field Marshal” as a souvenir. It represents an exclusive porcellaneous bottle in souvenir leather packing that illustrates the Rumyantsev and Paskevitch palace and park complex. It is well-known that it is one of the biggest points of interest not only in Gomel but in all Belarus.

In July-August the enterprise is going to  present 4 novelties additionally : 40% - products “Radamir Honeyed” and “Beresovitsa”, bitter “Kedrovka” and bitter “The King of the Pusha”. The latter was specially exploited for the 600-th anniversary of the Beloveshskaya forest preserve celebration.

In august the Gomel Distillery is also developing  a new product which has to gain favour in sight of women. It is an emulsion-liqueur “Coffee Dessert” on the creamy palatable base in a frosted bottle with an individual label.

Lovers of the home-made cognac wine were not left unattended. For them it was also prepared a new product. It is going to be the   three-star cognac “Msheti” that will be produced  from Georgian primary products.

The development of new markets. The Gomel Distillery tries to bring its products closer to the consumer. In August 2009 for the capital city buyers in Minsk it will be opened a new wholesale store. It’ll give an opportunity  to deliver the products in time and qualitatively and in needed volumes to all Minsk and Minsk Region sales places.

The Gomel import. Beginning from 2009 the Gomel Distillery has obtained admittance for the importation of alcoholic goods in the country and joined the ranks of special importers of alcoholic products. As a result the Distillery suggests to all trading enterprises import cognacs from Armenia and Ukraine, whisky from Scotland and France, and Italian wines.

The finishing stroke. The Gomel Distillery congratulates all employees of the trade branch with their professional holiday and offers         mutually advantageous cooperation!

We would like to inform about the opening of the new wholesale store in Minsk in August this year!!!

Our contact dates: 246042, Gomel, Sovetskaya str., 106, www.vodka-by.com

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Our representative in Minsk: +375 44 723 85 20

“TOP” information: the Gomel Distillery is one of the leading enterprises of alcoholic branch in the Republic of Belarus. It produces wide range of alcoholic products of the trademark “Radamir”: vodka, balsams, liqueurs, bitter nastoyka, cocktails, punches, brandy, cognacs. Always there are in great demand 40% “Sotka”, “40 drops”, “Wheat Radamir”, “Radamir Premium”, bitter “Polesye with zubrovochka” «Khrenoff», three-star cognacs. Women prefer liqueurs “Kakadu”. The so-called  generic visiting card of the enterprise are balsams: “Polesye”, “Sadko” and “Black Queen”. By the way in 2008 the balsam “Polesye” was recognized to be  “The product of the year”. This reward is very important for the Gomels because  it were the consumers who were in capacity of jury.


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