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Seasonal novelty of the Gomel Distillery – vodka “Belarusian Garelka"”


“Belarusian Garelka"”

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2009-05-25 10:40:28

Seasonal novelty of the Gomel Distillery – vodka “Belarusian Garelka"”


The Gomel Distillery represents the novelty of the season – vodka “Belarusian Garelka"”. It reflects the traditions of national alcohol production, cherishes  the greatheartedness of the Christians and simple generosity of  good hostess hands. Chilled “Belarusian Garelka” has full-bodied  rich wheat flavor, classic strength and soft taste..

The design of the “Belarusian Garelka” package is in the Belarusian style: the main background

of the label represents a linen canvas on which the name of the product “Belarusian Garelka” is illustrated with big well-read letters. On the label there are illustrated wheatears. It means that vodka is produced from  high quality grain alcohol  and additionally the image of the  wax seal with the title “Radamir” accentuates high  quality of the classical 40%.


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