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Vodka “Elite Super”

Vodka “Elite Super”

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Elite Vodka with an exquisite classical taste. Deluxe alcohol mixed with softened filtered water and siccine acid give this vodka an excellent taste and reduce the harmful impact of alcohol on the human body. Super Elite Vodka boasts 4 golds and a silver scooped at international fairs, so Super Elite is not just a product title, but a hallmark of quality and customer recognition.
Ingredients: corrected drinking water, rectified ethyl alcohol de luxe, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, siccine acid.
Alcohol by volume: 40%
• Golden medal «ExpoForum-2001» Minsk
• Silver medal «Wine-Vodka-Tobacco-2004» Sochi
• Golden medal «ExpoForum-2005» Minsk
• Golden medal St Petersburg Fair of Wines and Vodkas - 2005
• Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus contest, 2005
• Bronze medal «UNITED VODKA – 2007» Belgium
• Bronze medal St Petersburg Fair of Wines and Vodkas - 2006
• Silver medal «Wine-Vodka-Tobacco-2006» Sochi

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