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Balsam “Sadko”

Balsam “Sadko”

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Balsam Sadko is the living history of Belarusian traditions.
The balsam is infused on 22 healing herbs and roots mixed with ashberry, honey and propolis drinks.
The harmonious combination of natural ingredients makes the balsam a fabulous beverage to drink.
A teaspoonful of the beverage infused on the rare healing herb of Belarus' Polesse District will turn a regular cup of tea into a wonderful beverage with mint, thyme and dogrose flavour, which is so much like that the smell of the early morning mist over the flood meadows of Polesse.
Ingredients: corrected drinking water, ethyl alcohol of superior purification, sugar, citric acid, natural honey, balm, pepper “cubeb”, ginger, mint, thyme, origanum, St.John’s wort, common wormwood, cloves, rosewort, black pepper, wrinkled giant-hyssop, melittis sarmatica, flagroot, five-finger, coriander, costmary, allspice tree, camomile, pine buds, anise, bergenia.
Alcohol by volume: 35%
• Golden medal «ExpoForum-1999» Minsk
• Golden Quality Token Russian Mark III Millennium. XXI Century Quality Token, Moscow, 2001
• Golden medal «Wine-Vodka-Tobacco-2002» Sochi
• Silver medal «ExpoForum-2003» Minsk
• Silver medal St Petersburg Fair of Wines and Vodkas - 2003
• Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus contest, 2004
• Silver medal «ExpoForum-2005» Minsk
• Golden medal «Wine-Vodka-Tobacco-2005» Sochi
• Golden medal «Interdrink-2005» Moscow
• Golden medal «ProdExpo-2006» Moscow
• Product of the Year 2006 foodstuffs contest Minsk
• Golden medal «DRINKEXPO - 2007» St Petersburg
• Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus contest, 2007

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