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Balsam «POLESYE»

Balsam «POLESYE»

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The miracle-working balsam, which is Belarus Polesse District's namesake, uses only natural ingredients, including herbs, roots and fruits collected from all over the land of Belarus.The beverage owes its original taste to the rich bouquet that includes aromas of healing herbs, berries and fruits for alcoholic drink amateurs to appreciate.
Ingredients: softened drinking water, rectified ethyl alcohol from food raw material of the highest purification, sugar, natural honey, fruit drinks of prunes, black chokeberies, bilberries, black chokeberries; tinctures: propolis, origanum, cowberry leaves, linden blossoms, cupid´s-delight, rosewort, juniper berries, lemon-balm, valerian, haw, anise, magnolia-vine seeds, cinnamon, licorice roots, allspice tree, echinacea, cloves, parsley roots, holy thistle, lemon oil.
Alcohol by volume: 40%
• Best bottle of the year (alcoholic drinks), Golden Nut 2006
• Golden medal «ProdExpo-2007» Moscow
• Golden medal «ExpoForum-2007» Minsk
• Silver medal «UNITED VODKA – 2007» Belgium
• Grand Prix «DRINKEXPO - 2007» St Petersburg
• Grand Prix «Riga Food-2007» Riga
• Golden medal «Wine-Vodka-Tobacco-2007» Sochi
• Best bottle of the year (alcoholic drinks), Golden Nut 2007
• Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus contest, 2007
• Silver Quality Token Russian Mark III Millennium. XXI Century Quality Token, Moscow, 2007
• Bronze medal «ProdExpo-2008» Moscow
• Golden medal «Wine-Vodka-Tobacco-2008» Sochi
• Silver medal «Armprodexpo-2008» Erevan
• Product of the Year 2008 foodstuffs contest Minsk

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