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Gomel Distillery UE, one of the flagships of the Belarusian alcoholic drinks industry, relies on up-to-date equipment, the latest production technologies and highly qualified personnel. The distillery embraces an ethanol plant, four vodka and liquors production lines fitted with foreign equipment and Sadko proprietary retail network. The annual production capacity of the enterprise makes almost one million decalitres of alcoholic beverages. Gomel Distillery produces over 60 kinds of vodkas, cocktails, balms, nastoykas, liqueurs, punches, brandies, aperitifs, dessert and soft drinks. The ethanol plant (Polesse branch) produces Lux and Super Lux ethanol. In 2006 the plant launched a new variety of premium-class alcohol called Polesse. It has been recognized to be the best ethanol made in Belarus. The plant also makes malt for bakeries, kvass wort concentrate, kvass concentrate, kvass and carbon dioxide. Sticking to the original time-proved recipes of vodkas, nastoykas, liqueurs and balms, the company keeps in touch with the latest developments in the sphere of alcoholic drinks production. The unique combination of modern technologies and old traditions results in products of exceptionally high quality and great taste. In January 2004 Gomel Distillery received ISO 9001/2001 certificate and confirmed the compliance of the quality of its products with high international standards two year later.
In 2004 the company introduced and certified ISO 14000 environment management system. Gomel Distillery was among the first Belarusian enterprises to introduce HACCP system. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system was developed three decades ago to produce the safest and highest quality food possible for astronauts in the space program. Since its inception, HACCP has evolved and gained international acceptance as one of the most effective approaches to safe food production. It requires an assessment of what food safety problems can occur at any stage of the process. Control measures are then identified to prevent, reduce or eliminate these hazards to an appropriate level to avoid adverse human health consequences. The HACCP certificate proves that the company's produce complies with international standards and can survive global competition. International certificates enable Gomel Distillery to constantly expand its export geography. The company's produce always enjoys great demand both on the domestic market and abroad despite tough competition in the alcoholic drinks industry.

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